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Right now, I would like to humbly showcase myself, and my new release! As you may have guessed, my favorite city in the world is Los Angeles, California. The city fascinates me in so many ways, so I write about this massive metropolis that I adore so much. Now, without further ado here is my…….

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L.A. FOXX: Hollywood Underworld by Lindy S. Hudis

When the sordid underbelly of Tinseltown hits Dani’s personal life and family, she has to use every ounce of strength and fearlessness she has. To get through the frightening maze of her precarious life, Dani has got to take chances: risks that will test her strength, will-power, and her family. The famous and infamous will test her and tempt her with undeniable sexual charms, extreme power and enormous wealth, and thrust her forcefully into the wild side of Tinseltown- where everybody has lethal secrets and ruthless ambition.

4 Stars 🌟“Lindy S. Hudis did a good job on this story. The book had a good plot and it was well written. It had many emotions. A.J. and Dani were great characters. I enjoyed their journey. They were great together. Their connection was strong. This was a good story. I enjoyed it. Thank you, Lindy S. Hudis. Good work” – Amazon Reviewer

4 Stars 🌟 “This is my first read by this author. The storyline is very good, engaging, entertaining and the lead character is strong, determined, sassy and likable. I enjoyed this book.” – Amazon Reviewer

4 Stars 🌟 “The book has a good storyline that is compelling, appealing, and interesting. The characters are intriguing, satisfying, and well developed. I liked reading this book.” – Amazon Reviewer

5 Stars 🌟 “When the underbelly of the town rise up to infers in her life she will fight to protect her own.” – Goodreads

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Welcome To Lindy In Paradise

Welcome to my new blog “Lindy In Paradise”.  My name is Lindy S. Hudis and I am an author, mother of two, a fitness trainer and now, a newbie blogger.

I call this blog Lindy In Paradise because I live in California, and I consider California paradise.  I didn’t grow up here, however. I won’t say where I did grow up because it’s embarrassing.  I consider myself a Californian to the core!

I write a very eclectic mix of different literary product: I do write erotic romance, Rockstar romance, thrillers, mysteries and general fiction. I simply love to tell stories and make up people and their crazy lives. It’s called “willing suspension of disbelief”.

For this blog, I wish to showcase, interview and support artistic friends and encourage any and all artists (writers, authors, actors, musicians and the like) to become a part of this blog.  Interviews, spotlights, discussions and promoting artists is what this blog will be about.

If you are artist and with to be showcased or interviewed, let me know!!

I wish to discuss movies, books, Internet, and all forms of media.  I also encourage all visitors to leave a comment.

Don’t be shy! Please feel free to express yourself. I am not a prude either, as I write and read erotic romance and hate all forms of censorship.

However, that being said, I will NOT tolerate any bigotry, racism, sexism, bullying, or being a general asshole.

So….let’s get the show on the road!